Our Beginnings

How is it that we can live in a city of such abundance and allow so many of our neighbors to live in such deprivation?

The idea for Change Matters grew out of the pain I feel every time I pass someone on the street who asks for money; every time I read about the number of children who don't have enough to eat; every time I hear about the fight for a living wage and what people are expected to survive on.  Every time food stamp benefits are cut, soup kitchens and pantries experience an increase in the number of people asking for food.  Since 2008, they have experienced a 66% increase in demand.

Recently I heard that a person would have to earn almost $38/hour to be able to spend 40% of their income for an apartment in NYC.  Said another way, if you earn the minimum wage or even what’s being touted as a living wage, you can’t afford to live here.  Here being almost everywhere in NYC.

What is Change Matters?  And why should you join this effort?

Change Matters is a new organization that is tapping into an often unused pile of money – your change – to create an additional funding stream to help reduce hunger.  Your unwanted and spare coins … for many of you they are an annoyance, too heavy and bulky in your pocket or purse.  But in the aggregate, where on average each American home has a coin jar with $50 sitting on their bureau – we can make a huge dent in helping to fund soup kitchens and food pantries that are the stop gap for 1 in 5 New Yorkers.  That’s right: 1 in 5 New Yorkers don’t have enough money to purchase the food they need for themselves or their family.  And this is true all over our country, too: in urban, suburban and rural communities.

So join us – as we create game arcades to capture and collect your unwanted coins – and be part of the fight against hunger.