One Slice At A Time

Today we launch the Change Matters initiative:  Pay It Forward NYC: Relieving Hunger, One Slice At A Time.  Teaming up with our first pizzeria in the upper west side of Manhattan, we are helping to make food available to people in need.  Come in, buy a slice and buy an extra one for a stranger who is hungry.  Or just buy a slice for a hungry stranger. 

It’s a simple idea and not a wholly original one, at that.  In the early stages of forming Change Matters, I’d purchased pizza for hungry strangers several times near my home. It was during that period that I read about Rosa’s Pizza in Philadelphia becoming a community hub where customers purchase a slice for a hungry person they don’t know. New Yorkers should do the same, I thought, instead of not knowing how to help people begging in the street. 

This simple act of purchasing an extra slice of pizza for a stranger can have a profound impact for someone who is hungry – and for the person giving, as well.  Kindness and hot food – we all need both!

With our mission to be a part of the solution to end hunger, we also want to make giving simpler and a little bit easier.  What could be easier than to buy a stranger a slice of pizza?

So who is joining this effort?  First is Sal and Carmine Pizza, at 2671 Broadway (101-102 St), a small family-owned business that is a neighborhood institution.  They have been recognized over the years with a range of accolades, not least of which is inclusion in the Pizza Hall of Fame and a 2015 Village Voice pick as one of the 10 best old-fashioned pizzerias in NYC.  They eagerly accepted our invitation to begin this effort of feeding our neighbors.  

We hope each and every one of you will join us, as well.  Come to Sal and Carmine’s.

Email or tweet, help us spread the word. Suggest pizzerias in your neighborhood where we can expand our initiative. And make a donation to help us grow our work to Pay It Forward, NYC: Relieving Hunger, One Slice At A Time.