Join Me To End Hunger In NYC

Did you know that in 2015 almost 37% of NYC soup kitchens and food banks turned people away for lack of resources?  Or that 1 in 5 New Yorkers doesn't have enough money for food everyday?
That’s why I launched Change Matters – to create a resource pipeline for making food available to people in need and to become part of the solution to end hunger in our city.  

Here’s what Change Matters is doing and how you can help:

We started Pay It Forward NYC: Reducing Hunger, One Slice At A Time by teaming with Upper West Side institution Sal and Carmine Pizza to provide hot food for hungry New Yorkers.  Inspired by the concept of ‘pay it forward,’ our first initiative provides the opportunity for people to purchase an extra slice of pizza for a hungry stranger.

This simple act can make a huge difference in someone’s life, bringing kindness and hot food to those who need both. Your SUPPORT can expand Pay It Forward NYC to more pizzerias and food shops around the five boroughs.

A second initiative: Change Matters is working with artists and industrial designers to fabricate coin collection arcades to capture the change people ‘hate’ to carry around for the purpose of creating a new funding stream for under-resourced soup kitchens and food pantries. 
Your dollars will support the start-up expenses of arcade design and fabrication, strategy implementation, and operations costs.  Arcades in highly-trafficked locations, like airport terminals and sports stadiums, have the potential for huge amounts of change – in coins and in community.

At its core, Change Matters believes one thing:  no one should go hungry in our city. One slice at a time, one pocket full of change – together we can help end hunger.

I hope you’ll Join us by taking action: make a contribution right now!