A Slice of Generosity on the Upper West Side

We’re 2 weeks out.  Over 75 slices have been purchased.  6 have been redeemed. Our work now is to spread the word that at Sal and Carmine Pizza, there is a free hot slice and some kindness for those who are hungry. 

What I’ve experienced so far is an outpouring of generosity along with a good dose of distrust – on both sides of giving and receiving.  Some folks are concerned as to whether the right and deserving will get a free slice.  And some of the hungry people I’ve encountered on the street don’t seem to believe that for the asking they can have a free slice of pizza.

I come to this initiative with an open heart and no judgment.  Whoever asks is in need – for something.  Hunger might be the driving force.   Or it could be that the need for kindness trumps that for food.  It’s hard for most of us to admit to both of these most primal of needs.  

So during this season of giving and celebration -  and through out the year - it is my wish that the spark of generosity and caring be more fully ignited in each of us.  Whether by contributing to Pay It Forward NYC, to Change Matters, or to an initiative in your neighborhood.  Let’s not leave anyone behind … no one in our City should be hungry.