Tyler S. Bugg directs New America NYC, a program of New America, a public policy institute and civic enterprise dedicated to the renewal of American politics, prosperity, and purpose in the digital age. Prior to joining New America, he's held positions at Fourth Arts Block and Teach For America and held fellowships at Obama for America and the Georgetown University's Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs.  His writing can be found in TIME, Salon, and Mic, among others.

David Czyzyk a business, governmental and political operations and strategy consultant for electoral and issue based campaigns, he began his career as a Community Organizer in Harlem. Shortly thereafter, he was brought on to Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer’s staff as Community Liaison to two prominent Manhattan districts.  Currently, he’s focused on creating sustainable operations programming for an airline logistics company.  

Kathy Goldman a long-time community activist, she has been working on food, hunger and poverty issues since 1965. In 1980, she founded the Community Food Resource Center, now part of the Food Bank for New York City, and served as its Executive Director until 2003. Her advocacy work has focused on passage of federal food programs, especially the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and child nutrition programs. She currently serves as co-director of Community Food Advocates, Inc, an organization she also co-founded.  She was honored at the White House as being a "Champion of Change" regarding issues surrounding food security.

Joanne Goodrich a business and personal coach, she started her first company before leaving grade school and has since started, or been involved with starting, more than a dozen others.  She is deeply committed to entrepreneurs and small businesses, as demonstrated by her 30 years of professional involvement with them.

Rachel Makleff spent over thirty years measuring and evaluating care delivery at various HMOs, including a social HMO and a community health center HMO that worked with food and nutrition programs. After she retired, she worked with the New York State Working Group on the Farm Bill, once again entering the world of people who grow food.  Many years before she lived on a working dairy farm.

Margaret Siegel Executive Director of Asphalt Green and prior President & COO of Dylan’s Candy Bar. She has held a variety of senior management positions at international luxury brands including CEO of Judith Leiber, VP of Fine Jewelry and Watches for Chanel, and several others.